We are a group of adventurist`s who discover adventure & unique sports of the world and bring them to you. Our desire to explore more adventures after trekking, cycling and 10k runs led us to form this exclusive organization connecting adventures with adventurists. NthAdventure aims to train, educate and bring India on the world adventure circuit soon.

Since inception, we got ourselves certified on numerous outdoor sports and activities. To make sure our adventurists experience every bit of adventure. we’ve put up safety regulations at every step of our adventure, Those mountains you summit that amazing jungles you ventured or that lake you dived into with us will be left exactly as it is, because we love to maintain that way.

NthAdventure is for those who want to transform their next holiday into an adventure where they learn to explore the outdoors, expand their horizons and let go of their fear to experiment. Join us in this beautiful journey to AMPLIFY YOUR ADVENTURE.

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate adventurists, outdoor experts, and trainers having years of experience in organizing treks, adventure events, CSR initiatives and leading expeditions across India.

We explored the mountains, the valleys, the sea, the glaciers, caves, rode those treacherous roads – no roads and even to the skies. We felt we were in our element when we went on our adventures in the breath-taking nerve racking outdoors. Our experience is what makes us unique. We take pride in our team, value their capabilities and now we are here to AMPLIFY YOUR ADVENTURES!

Why NthAdventure