Survival Camp

Ever lived in the fear how you will survive without the basic necessities of life?

Well we have the solution. Our survival camp is where participants are taught about living and surviving in the wilderness with resources that are naturally available. These camps take place in the midst of the nature, where participants will learn to use available resources necessary to survive in the wild. The methods of survival vary according to the terrain participants live in – may that be dense forests, deserts or snow. This course and these techniques teach you those unique skills that have been forgotten as man evolved.

We conduct different categories of Survival camp certification courses.

  • Master the Art of Survival – Certification Courses (Basic, intermediate and advanced)
  • Race to become Indian “Bear Gryll” Challenges

White water kayaking training & expeditions

To most people, kayaking is a life changing experience or at the very least an adrenaline-charged adventure.  It’s been said that kayaking is one of the few adventure sports out there that truly is for everyone because it’s not about strength, it’s about technique. In order to promote this challenging adventure sport, we have decided to bring kayaking for every passionate individual in India. If you love to paddle, love to stretch your boundaries, love to achieve and love the feeling of being alive, then this sport is for you. 

Join us and experience the thrill;

  • Zero to Hero – Master the art of Kayaking
  • Kayaking competition – Race against the force


Adventure Boot Camp - Schools & Colleges

Outdoor is one such platform where kids learn important aspects of life like, creating a better community, team building, creativity, risk-taking, leadership, spreading brotherhood and learning skills through adventure sports. Our adventure camps are theme based supervised program for children and teenagers who wants to experience and spend time away from home in learning more about adventure sports.

NthAdventure Exclusive Adventures

We are here to bring you unique adventure races not just to adrenaline your heart beat but a next level experiences. India is rich in its unique diversity of flora and fauna from ages. It’s time to unleash its beauty with a purpose and making India a better place for all adventure sports and bring India on world adventure circuit. Come be part of our unique events of best standards, experiences, and uniqueness with social cause.

Buckle up, and experience amplifying adventures;

  • Orienteering – Master the art of navigation
  • Adventure race – World adventure circuit
  • Unique races – Connecting adventure with society
  • Exclusive exploration & adventure tours

We do organize corporate events and races. Get in touch with us to know more.